When Chili oils(Lao Gan Ma) is in that Trouble with Least Harmful Mini Cigarette


According to relative report, pepper contains very tiny amount of nicotine, so if adding some chili into them, the nicotine strength will rise.

When Lao Gan Ma meets with normal cigarette and least harmful tobacco(new tobacco), what happened to them?

Now, VAPECCINO will begin to find out the answer.

After the cigarette engineer taste the rolling cigarette with chili oils, suck with tiny spiciness, and the whole flavor is weaker.

When sucking new tobacco, it was disgusting. Foretaste is filled with little spiciness, but tobacco taste was covered up totally by pepper. The engineer told me that he can’t fall in love with cigarette with chili oils, even though it is from popular chili brand.


The nicotine doesn’t add at all. How pitying the engineer is.

As tobacco loves Intelligent Heated-not-Burned MIX

Although the taste of tobacco weakened when adding chili, the harmful chemicals is unchangeable(50-90%), which is due to the processing of new tobacco and heating methods.

Nowadays, tobacco sheet is the most important component of tobacco, which is used to replace cigar’s biner leaf, superior in less tar production and used worldwide at rolling cigarette and new tobacco materials.

Tobacco contains over 40 kinds of toxins and cancer-causing chemicals , including nicotine, phenol, benzene and formaldehyde. Smoke when igniting cigarette at 600℃ will produce more toxins, such as tar and carbon monoxide besides them. The higher temperature to ignite cigarette it is, more harmful chemicals releases. The temperature even reach to 900℃ when burning.

To be different, MIX(intelligent heated-not-burned device) heat new tobacco below 300℃, which is higher than when sucking it. Therefore, according to test results, carbon monoxide(smoking tobacco increase the CO content of our blood. When carbon monoxide is breathed into the lungs, it binds with hemoglobin in red blood cells to make carboxyhemoglobin which is then transported into the bloodstream. Once this happens, oxygen cannot bind with receptors on the same cell. And because CO is much faster at binding with hemoglobin than oxygen(about 200 times faster), when CO is present in the lungs, it wins the spot on red blood cells. This process diminishes the oxygen-carrying capacity in the bloodstream, causing Miocardial infarction, stroke easily) , formaldehyde( fasten carcingenesis) , Nitric oxide(stimulate respiratory tract) will produce less 95%, 90% and 95% respectively.

When New Tobacco Crushes into Intelligence

A large amount of intelligent devices emerge all over the world, such as Apple Watch Nike+, Jawbone up for fitness tracker, iHealth for blood pressure monitor. Among them will help human being to focus on physical condition through fitness tracker or data feedback.

They born for monitoring physical condition in real time, but the data is consequent on the physical condition, alerting in adjusting something for better states. However, heated-not-burned device(MIX) is designed to guarantee health directly and prevent you from the harmful chemicals of conventional cigarette. Moreover, everything is more intelligent to use like clicking for next page while reading KINDLE.

MIX is powered by battery unable to generate fire, ash, less tar and odor will trouble you less.

MIX adopts innovative vertical 3D conduction to char the tobacco plug from bottom to top like burning a real cigarette, offering a lot of nicotine buzz and perfumey flavors for user which is similar to rolling cigarette.

Additionally, MIX contains 2500mAh super battery, available to support 20 sticks in fully power, unlike international most popular device, the heating holder need to be charged for 5 mins after using up one stick.

Smart Temperature Control

High-tech chip is embedded inside as to monitor the temperature fluctuation from the first puff to the last. Char the tobacco plug below 300℃. With moderate heating temp, the stronger throat hit and richer flavor will be delivered into your lung and taste bud, equal to the experience of rolling cigarette.

Intelligent Sucking, Make Health More Easier

From heated-not-burned perception, MIX is just a device supporting mini tobacco stick. But in other words from the analysis of the effect of new tobacco, less 90-95% harmful chemicals damages smokers’ health. Actually, it does function when intelligence help human being for better life.

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