How to Smoke in Your Room without Getting Caught When Moving in with Your Girlfriend


Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can’t be made even more difficult if you live with your girlfriend.

My god, my girlfriend always notice something even though I smoke outsides. Because she hates me to smoke and blames that I don’t care about myself, but you know, for most of us, it is hard  to quit smoking.

How to smoke indoors without getting caught when moving in with your girlfriend?

Now, there are three ways to remove smell, but the last one is most effortless and useful.

Use Sploof

1.Making a Sploof

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A sploof can be made a tube capped with dryer sheets that will turn the smell of fresh laundry.

Prepare materials

* Find a toilet paper roll or something like it to collect smoke;

*Prepare dryer sheet to absorb and cover up the odor of the smoke;

*Put a rubber band to attach dryer sheets or a sock to the end of the tube;

2.Assembling the Sploof

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It is the right time to build sploof once preparing above materials. Build one which allow you to exhale the smoke through it and cover up the smell of smoke, you can follow these steps:

*Grab about three dryer sheets and cover one end of the cardboard tube with them.

*Fasten the dryer sheets in place by a rubber band.

*Fill the length of the tube with the rest of the dryer sheets you have.

3.Always Exhale through the Sploof

Whatever smoke passes through the dryer sheets will come out smelling fresh, cover up the smell of your smoking.

the picture is from Internet

Make Good Use of Vent

It is great and more easier to send the smoke in another direction, be certain that it is safe that you can keep most of the smoke out of your room and away from your girl who might smell it.

Smoke while keeping the window and smoke out of it. It’d better to use ceiling vents which will help to disperse smoke.

Whatever you choose, you must brush your teeth and chew gum after smoking.

However, there is one way to avoid these trivial.

Switch to E-cigarette

There are many smoking cessation to help quit smoking online, such as vaporizer and heated-not-burned device.

Considering I am a heavy smoker, I choose  device at last, which reduces less 90% harmful chemicals than rolling cigarette, but simulates the taste of tobacco.

It is essential transition for heated-not-burned device standing between vaporizer and rolling cigarette. Because it is designed for smoking cessation and simulate conventional cigarette for strong throat hit, cigarette taste, vapor and less odor.

How to choose a good device?

The Tool of Tech

The consistent taste is mostly up to the heating mode after analyzing the development of heated-not-burned device.  The most popular device in the world uses heater blade and charred from inside to outside, which produces strong throat hit, vapor and flavor at the beginning, but generally, all of them will tend to be more tender until the last puff ends. The tech to heat has converted into vertical 3D conduction(heat from bottom to top) once VAPECCINO designed MIX in 2018, prevalent in Japan. The stick is charred like igniting rolling cigarette. The next puff is always better than the last one.

Avoid Troubles

As we smoke, the ash need to be disposed into ashtray. However, it doesn’t generate any ash instead of char while vaping. It is easy enough for MIX to dispose. Nothing remains and the stick is still unbroken after taken out from the heating element, which is different from most device. It always remains inside because the heating element is designed by heater blade and it is easily to be cut when cleaning or rotating the stick.

Hope these tips help you!

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