Sustainable development for individual health and social environment


The raw material to produce cigarette is tobacco. As reported, in US, North Carolina is the largest producer of tobacco, with around 1,800 tobacco farms employing 30000 workers yielding in 400 million pounds of the crop annually. And in China, there were 20 million rural Chinese households producing tobacco on 2.1 million hectares of land. While it is the major crop for millions of Chinese farmers, growing tobacco is not as profitable as cotton or sugar cane.

The mature period lasting half a year to the tobacco growth is longer than that of many crop, which causes various soil nutrition. Once fertilizing the tobacco, the quantity of phosphate fertilizer is 5.8 times, 7.6 times and 36 times than that of coffee bean, maize and cassava respectively. Additionally, to use fertilizers so frequently causes soil hardening. The processing to tobacco need fire to bake, bake one hectare tobacco will consume 3-hectare wood, equal to bake 1 kilogram tobacco requiring 7.8-kilogram wood, which will destroy the ecosystem and deteriorate the weak environment, such as soil erosion.

Or worse yet, the air contamination from cigarette is far worse than that of the exhaust gas of diesel automobile, complying with a research. As we all know, something particle emits from cigarette is vulnerable to cause some diseases, such as heart disease, lung cancer and asthma. According to findings, the peak value of particle from exhaust gas of diesel automobile is twice than the pollutant of outdoors, but for the pollutant of cigarette is 15 times than that of exterior pollution.

As above, as we all know, tobacco influences not only our health, but the sustainable development of environment. As for this social problem, is there any solution to deal with? Thanks to the tech development, e-cigarette is playing an important role to help quit smoking. E-cigarette consists of vaporizer and e-juice. Hard device(vaporizer) with good function is essential to make e-juice vapor purer. But how to select a good vaporizer. Take Mate 1 as an example: firstly, purer taste, Mate 1 is the first atomizer in the world to adopt GCT to prolong vaping lifespan and make taste purer; Secondly, easy to vape, Mate1 is a smart vaporizer which is allowed to vape without fire button, thirdly, charging problems, Mate 1 equipped with fast charge and spends 25 minutes to fully charge. Additionally, e-juice is another important part to guarantee taste purer. E-juice consists of three parts: diluent bases, flavors and nicotine.

Diluent bases makes up 80-90% of the entire e-liquid formula. It commonly involves propylene glycol(PG) for large vapor, vegetable glycerin(VG) for throat hit, and polyethylene glycol 400(PEG 400). Apart from the the vapor of “smoke” and throat hit, with consideration of the smokers’ habit, e-cigarette try to imitate the taste of cigarettes, and add all kinds of flavors, such s as Virginia tobacco, Turkish tobacco, America light tobacco, Cuban cigar and clove. Additionally, e-juice expands to many flavors, for instance, peppermint, green tea, ice, fruit, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, spices, candy and soda. Your choice to e-juice is various.Nicotine is additive, in particular it is both a stimulant and a relaxant, which is so hard for smokers to quit smoking. But the dose of nicotine can be adjusted during choosing e-juice. However, it is not toxic, because it also exists solanaceae, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and meldar, with these regarding as health and edible food.

As above, tobacco is also used in e-juice, but and quantity is farther less than that of in e-cigarette, what’s more, e-juice vapor is unable to emit harmful substances. E-juice is born for sustainable development of individual health and social environment. And vaporizer must be more better to match fantastic e-juice to restore its original taste

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