Brand Story

In 2004, the first commercial e-cigarettes was introduced in China. In the past 13 years, the industry has had its ups and downs. At the end of 2016, we decided to do something different with a simple idea: make a better vaporizer.
Not only just a better vaporizer, but also a better way of vaping that offers a new kind of lifestyle.
We will work hand in hand with our users to do something awesome.
At VAPECCINO, we believe that true innovation is all about changing, renewing and creating more effective products that make life simpler. A core part of VAPECCINO’s culture lies in its commitment to working with its fans to develop and deliver the best products possible through openness to customer feedback.
Our brand philosophy is summed up in the phrase “Progressive and Concentration.” It conveys our brand principles of focus.
We make high and middle-class electronic cigarette, developing from the vertical ecosystem of the intelligent hardware.
Our core competence: integrated manufacturing, demand-oriented R&D abilities and services as well as keen consumer insights.
Through an integration of humanism and science, we create the perfect experience for every smoker and vape enthusiast to enjoy.
VAPECCINO will strive to impress and capture young hearts with minimalist design, excellent user experience, customer-centered product development, quality service, and most importantly outstanding taste proficiency. This is why the brand name is VAPECCINO, we will adopt the latest technology to make our devices provide purer taste, just like a cup of cappuccino.