Golden Core Tech , Purer Taste

GCT 410mAh / vCharge Tech Auto system

Light Technology To Rouse Original Taste

VAPECCINO MATE 1 is the initial product adopting GCT in the world. GCT, an advanced Nano tech, presents strong antioxidation, and keeps high cleanness by preventing ejuice's carbides from gluing to coil, so that it prolongs vaporizer lifespan and for purer taste.The next puff is always like the first. Vape it similar to inhale and breath natural air with sweet and purer taste in prairie.

* After 100 times, GCT VS Kanthal

Lightweight But With Metal Texture

Use uni-body design to perform the spirit of craftsman, exquisite and ultra-thin. What’s more, utilize stamping process, combining its high precision and absolutely similar standard together for forging a vaporizer like solid and delicate magazine, dynamic beauty appears at palm.

  • Legend Black
  • Eagle Grey

Smartvape Without Button
Everything Is Smart

  • Intelligent Vibration

    The vibration includes atomizer loading(once), low
    power<15%(twice) and poor contact(three times),
    every vibrating duration and interval are 300ms(0.3s).

  • Smart LED Display

    Green light for 60-100% , Blue for 35-60% and Red for

  • Auto Process

    Auto mic and auto identification of atomizer resistance
    boosts to vape more easily.

Low-Power Vibration Reminder

Intimate Equipment , Refilling Function , Recycle Vaping

MTL & DL: Different resistances, different sizes of air intake, but one battery box can identify resistance(1.0-3.0ohm) of dual atomizers automatically. Use one battery to enjoy two kind of different vapor.

Mouth To Lung

Direct Lung
* MTL:Standard     DL:Optional

Persist In Detailed Construction Inside

  • Side-to-Bottom Airflow

    Not only does it guarantee the larger vapor and good heat dissipation, but also makes less condensation, no leakage, which avoids effort to wipe atomizer and for purer taste.

  • Perfect Ejuice-intake Holes

    Equipped with dual ejuice-intake holes, it can be more excellent to realize effective ejuice transfer. When you vape, the e-juice in the tank remains to flow automatically into and is absorbed by organic cotton, which will avoid dry burn and achieve purer taste , what you need to care when vaping is nothing.

    Splash Proof Design

    Every small design is for fantastic vaping experience. So is Mate 1. Under guarantee for maximum vapor, we set a small PC board to obstruct the way of splashing ejuice.

Large Battery , Longer Vaping Time

410mAh battery capacity for longer vaping time is not far enough. Standby time is up to 56 days, and equal to 3 working hours for portable fan. What enough is for your worriless vaping.

  • mAh


  • days

    Standby time

  • puffs


vCharge Tech

25mins for fully charge. Mate 1 need to replenish energy, and so do we.
A cup of Cappuccino is warm still, but the charging is over.

Eight Protections

Designed by technology, vape for sense of safety

Over voltage
Over-time protection
(8-second auto cutoff)
Ultra-high temperature
charging and discharging
Automatic shutdown
protectionfrom poor operation
Short circuit
Under voltage
ZeroWatt Charging Protection